>>posted: 1-4-2017

Martha Ronk reviews
by Peter Gizzi
The poems in Peter Gizzi’s most recent book, Archeophonics, operate as an homage to sounds as in the title poem that celebrates echoes, repetitions, and other poems, “the archive in the mouth”: I’m...[more]

>>posted: 12-8-2016

Karla Kelsey reviews
The Most Foreign Country
by Alejandra Pizarnik
In early 2017 Ugly Duckling Presse will release for the first time in English Alejandra Pizarnik’s debut collection, The Most Foreign Country, translated by Yvette Siegert. First published in 1955...[more]

>>posted: 10-17-2016

Martha Ronk reviews
The Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Garolito, a Wedding in St. Roch, the Big Box Store, the Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All
by C.D. Wright
There is a familiar generosity in the title, in the sentences, the tones and range and heart of it all. One expects such from C.D. Wright’s every move, and here it is again in her posthumous book of...[more]

>>posted: 5-4-2016

Ray McDaniel reviews
A Small Story About the Sky
by Alberto Ríos
I cannot remember now where I first heard it or from whom, but as a dismissal of poets and poetry it made an impression: a poet is someone who sees a bird outside their window and makes a big...[more]

>>posted: 2-28-2016

Martha Ronk reviews
Some Worlds for Dr. Vogt
by Matvei Yankelevich
Like the astronomer, Dr. Steven Vogt, who, from the spectrometer on the Keck Observatory in Hawaii searches for extrasolar planets, in Matvei Yankelevich’s latest collection the poet becomes a seeker...[more]