>>posted: 4-8-2014

Ray McDaniel reviews
The Self Unstable
by Elisa Gabbert
Although The Self Unstable is her third book, Elisa Gabbert’s dominant mode of publication is the tweet, of which she is queen. As of circa right this moment, she has composed almost 45,000 of them,...[more]

>>posted: 3-11-2014

Stephen Motika reviews
Orange Roses
by Lucy Ives
I started reading Lucy Ives’s Orange Roses in the local library; I enjoyed the architecture of the building, the clerestory, but the screaming children did me in. As I walked out, I thought about the...[more]

>>posted: 2-1-2014

Karla Kelsey reviews
Transfer of Qualities
by Martha Ronk
I find myself wanting to tell you contradictory things about Martha Ronk’s Transfer of Qualities. Not because I am of mixed-mind about the book, but because, upon dwelling, contradictory forces show...[more]

>>posted: 1-3-2014

Vanessa Place reviews
by Heimrad Bäcker
Translation by Patrick Greaney Afterword by Charles Bernstein Have you ever killed anyone? This was the question a journalist recently reported asking a convicted serial killer. Not to drag biography...[more]

>>posted: 12-15-2013

Ray McDaniel reviews
Hymn for the Black Terrific
by Kiki Petrosino
Hymn for the Black Terrific is three tiny books bound together. The first section, "Oiseau Rebelle," is as close as Petrosino comes to a miscellany, in that its poems don’t bear an obvious...[more]