>>posted: 4-23-2015

Stephen Motika reviews
7 Days and Nights in the Desert (Tracing the Origin)
by Sabrina Dalla Valle
The Mojave, the westernmost desert in North America, stretches across interior southern California and most of southern Nevada, a vast landscape punctuated by a few hard-scrabble towns and suburban...[more]

>>posted: 3-3-2015

Jordan Davis reviews
Citizen: An American Lyric
by Claudia Rankine
Therapy is exhausting. Bringing everything that is uppermost out for someone you pay to respond makes you doubly vulnerable — you relive traumas instead of repressing them, and you rely on a guide...[more]

>>posted: 1-15-2015

Martha Ronk reviews
The Albertine Workout by Anne Carson and Loom by Sarah Gridley
Poetic responses to the world include, of course, responses to other art forms, ekphrastic poetry in response to a painting or sculpture, and responses to works of literature—poems, novels, or...[more]

>>posted: 12-9-2014

Vanessa Place reviews
Performative Criticism and Against Conceptual Poetry
by Ron Silliman
I recently participated in a panel discussion on the topic of performative criticism at REVERSE, the Copenhagen International Poetry Festival held at their LiteraturHaus. My co-panelists were Danish...[more]

>>posted: 11-2-2014

Sueyeun Juliette Lee reviews
Life in a Box is a Pretty Life
by Dawn Lundy Martin
In Dawn Lundy Martin’s challenging, evocative, necessary new book Life in a Box is a Pretty Life (Nightboat Books), she offers smart, frank, actual living thought that seeks to destabilize and...[more]